checkbox theming - an easy way to do it

About a year ago, I worked on a (django-based) front-end and team / permission system for etherpad-lite. In each team, the admin could choose who else has admin rights. This was shown with checkboxes.

Here I had a problem: If you use a fron-end framework like bootstrap, having normal checkboxes is pretty ugly. If you take a look at css4you, you see: dang it! Styling it 'directly' is not possible. I'm not a designer, so I didn't know any trick how to solve that and back in that day, I wasn't able to find anything either (I have taken a short continue.

a look into my arsenal

I have a few topic in my mind, I want to write about but I think i will maybe refer to some stuff, that is possibly not well known. Therefore, my first topic will be a short look into my "arsenal". I will show some projects, tools and libraries I use from day to day to solve tasks that often appear.

I will not show much code, explain how it works or give examples how i normaly use it. I just want to give a short look at what it is. If you think it sounds in­te­res­ting, follow the links and continue.


Once again, I relaunche my page. Not sure if it's the third or the fourth time.

This time, I haven't changed the design much but the un­der­lay­ing system changed (again). Now its Acrylamid. Well, in fact it's not a "system". It's a static blog generator. I write my blogposts with markdown and then I'm able to generate the page as plain html. Even it's all static, I don't have to miss some cool features: Acrylamid also generates all nessesary stuff for RSS and Atom. It also inherently provides support for disqus.

My "last blog" was kind of all-day-blogging and... that does not continue.